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Food & Drink

MEALS : Will be Updates week of the event:

Plan to help Prep, Cook, or Clean up for one of the community meals. Andy or Mel will let you know where we need help when you get to camp.

Bring snacks and lunches for your family/crew and other beverages you need.

Friday: Family BBQ 7pm

Saturday Morning:  9am- optional

Oatmeal Bar, Coffee

Saturday Dinner / Welcome Feast: 6pm

Greek Dinner 

Sunday Breakfast: 9am

Breakfast Burritos, Coffee, Bloody Mary Bar

Sunday Dinner: 6pm

Spaghetti Feed (Vegetarian and Meat Sauce), Salad, French Bread

Monday Breakfast: 9am

Pancakes and Sausages, Berry Compote, Coffee


We will be hauling up 2- kegs and cans of beer.  You are welcome to bring additional beverages for the bar gods.

**The Inter-Galactic Bar opens officially on Saturday!  **

This is a leave-no-trace event so please plan to pack-out any garbage you pack-in!

Rule #1: NO GLASS BEER BOTTLES!  Cans only, please.

Rule #2: WE MUST RECYCLE!  This includes glass (wine and liquor bottles ok), plastic, paper (to burn) or aluminum cans (primarily from Rule #1 =).

Rule #3: Please help us sort out the Trash!! It gets really Messy